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The freshest pitas

you'll taste!

Deliciously fresh pitas, hummus, falafel & more!

All our products are freshly made to order, 100% vegan and kosher

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About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

At Pita Pan Europe we are proud to offer a wide assortment of freshly baked white and spelt pitas, available in multiple sizes, as well as other favorites such as hummus (the real one!), tahini, falafel and other Middle Eastern dips.

We supply to restaurants, supermarket chains, shops and catering companies throughout Europe.

As a kosher bakery, we comply with the strict kashrut laws of Machsike Hadass Antwerp.

Our Pitas

Always Fresh, Always Tasty, Baked daily

Our pitas are freshly baked daily, made from the highest grade of ingredients - once you try them you will never be able to eat a vacuum-packed pita again!

Pita bread in oven.jpg
Pita bread isolated on white.jpg
pita bread on a wooden background.jpg

Our hummus, falafel and other Middle Eastern dips!

All of our products are made to perfection! Only the best and freshest ingredients are used, carefully selected and inspected to insure our unique taste

hummus dip plate on wooden table .jpg
Hummus traditional Jewish creamy lunch s
Middle Eastern cuisine: baba ghanoush cl

The real thing!

What makes our hummus unique is the selection of the finest ingredients, the time and care taken for production and the sheer amount of fresh products put into it, to maintain its original taste

Tahini with fresh parsley
Made to perfection!

Simply irresistable! Taste what happens when Tahini and parsley come together. This authentic tahini is the best you'll ever taste!

Baba ganoush
Tahini with grilled eggplant

The most favourite eggplant dip out there! It has complex flavor and depth and is typically served with pita bread, with a veggie platter or mezze platter.  A beautiful addition to any Middle Eastern meal

Shakshuka in a Frying Pan. Eggs Poached
green zhug 1.jpg

Tahini sauce

This creamy, garlicky tahini sauce will enhance any kind of chicken or meat dishes. Want to give your lamb a taste that won't be forgotten?



Explosion of taste! To be served warm or cold, with or without eggs. Make your taste buds explore new horizons and travel deep into the Middle East.

Green schug

The one and only Yemeni green schug cannot get more authentic than this! Based on cilantro and green chili, green schug is a medium hot, very fresh and brightly flavoured sauce that may be used for various purposes and gives dishes a huge burst of flavour

Healthy spicy, creamy vegetarian appetiz
Amba sauce made of pickled mango .jpg
Vegetarian dish - falafel balls from spi

Red schug (harissa)

Medium hot, based on red hot chili peppers and cilantro, this Yemeni sauce has a sharp and delicious flavour wallop. Stir it into soups, spread on a sandwich or warm pita bread, drizzle it on pasta, or serve it with grilled steak for a herby kick of flavour.


A flavourful spiced pickled mango sauce. It will enhance just about any grilled dish whether it's chicken, steak, tofu or fish. Amba adds a strong, fruity, pop of heat to any dish!

Falafel balls

Want to know how real falafel balls should taste like? Let us surprise you! Crunchy from the outside, soft from the inside and a secret mix of spices and herbs. Will you be able to resist the next bite?

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Lodewijk van Berckenlaan 24, 2600 Antwerpen, Belgium

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